A number of social events and excursions, beside varied possibilities for recreation and entertainment, will be offered to the participants and accompanying persons. Culture-Art Programmes of the Amphitheatre, Culture Square and Promenade are important parts of the cultural life in Vrnjačka Banja. The range of these programmes is diverse and attractive: pop and rock concerts, disco nights, fashion reviews and music festivals. Promenade is famous for its promenade concerts as well as the boulevard theatres performances, while the Culture Square hosts music-scene shows and the poetry outdoor parties.

Touristic sights:

MONASTERY LJUBOSTINJA (14th century) and MONASTERY KALENIĆ (half day excursion);

MONASTERY ŽIČA (13th century) and MONASTERY STUDENICA (13th century) (half day excursion);

BELGRADE (one day excursion);

THE ANCIENT CITY MAGLIĆ and MOUNTAIN GOČ (half day excursion).